Wifi Flix

WIFIFLIX is another thorough product brought to you by Bizztimes private limited. WIFIFLEX is an equipment gadget which enables clients to associate with the gadget and appreciate entertainment substance which are available on the equipment without the need of web association. This equipment is valuable for the individuals who are voyaging long separates where internet connection keeps on changing, for example, long train journeys or transport venture. All one needs to do is fit this equipment on their transportation mode and the travelers can appreciate continuous service of entertainment content regardless of whether their telephones don’t have web association. They simply need to connect to our product WIFIFLEX, kick back, relax and appreciate the amusement content the equipment brings to the table.

Our item can likewise be utilized for long flights where our product WIFIFLEX can be fitted on the plane and the travelers can appreciate continuous progression of entertainment substance and relax. This comes in helpful since not all aircrafts supply WIFI associations for their long distance flights to its travelers. This is a reasonable technique for supplying entertainment content.

The equipment WIFIFLIX is minimal and can be effectively fitted anyplace and everybody can associate with it and make the most of its diversion entertainment content


To sum things up, WIFIFLIX is a product for everybody who needs to spend time with a gathering of individuals as often as possible who request some sort of entertainment to take a break. WIFIFLIX will prove to be useful to individuals who need to supply entertainment content which our product brings to the table to a gathering of individuals who they invest a great deal of time with.