INSTALIVE is an exclusive product brought to you by BIZZTIMES Private Limited. Our product is for customers who have their own satellite channel. INSTALIVE will empower you to offer live streaming of your satellite channel to your clients under your own brand through your own one of a kind application created by us. This will enable you to connect with your crowds legitimately through Mobile and Television applications.

In this age of modernization, individuals are moving from Television channels to utilizing the web to watch their preferred video content at their very own accommodation and convenience. We offer you the innovation to enable you to connect with these clients utilizing your own one of a kind live streaming application. This will build the quantity of watchers of your channel and furthermore increment consumer loyalty. This application will likewise enable you to build your income through advertisements which you can choose to promote; we won’t have our own advertisements on your live streaming application.

Under INSTALIVE we offer you four live streaming applications which are as follows-

The advantages of utilizing our product INSTALIVE are as following-

vINSTALIVE is a reasonable answer for communicating your channel’s content live and arrives at the clients who incline towards viewing content over the web at their own comfort.

We will build up the applications under 10 days and you will have the option to go live utilizing the applications. The live streaming gadget will likewise be provided by us. Get in touch with us to get your own one of a kind live streaming application and increment the quantity of watchers on your channel.