A Complete Guide To Developing A Mobile Application

So you have decided to develop a mobile app for the betterment of your business? Now you’re confused about the types of mobile apps and you want to know , quick and sure, what the app options are, and their positive and negative points – so that you can easily choose the one which suites your business requirements and also help in Determining the Budget for your mobile application.

Sit back and have a good read as we explain the different types of mobile apps that are available and their positive and negative points. We have much experience in such situations to supply you with all the information that you need to know, which will enable you to take the right decision.

Before we discuss about the three different types of mobile applications, Let us discuss about the different aspects you need to keep in mind before developing a mobile application which are mentioned below-

Market Research and Knowing Your Competition- Developing your business without understanding your rivals is unsafe. Statistical surveying can set you up for changing markets, anticipate your business and prevent your business being left behind by the competition. Another aspect which is very important is knowing your Target Audience and choosing the Correct Platform for your Mobile App.

Determining the Budget- So as to ascertain the application promoting spending plan, you initially need to know a few information such as the number of clients you need to draw in, the number of downloads you’re expecting, the type of operating system you’re targeting, defining the app’s cost very install.

Speed Optimization- A major part of making any mobile application is guaranteeing that there will be continuous end-to-end performance optimization so that you do not lose any user.

User Interface and User Experience- An elegant and efficient user experience design for the development of a mobile application is very important to create experiences that are engaging. The major reasons are to achieve business goals such as building a good brand name, improving reputation, and generating more traffic and ultimately increasing revenue.

Add customizing feature or Monetization and Beyond- Despite the fact that the portable application advertise is generous and developing quick, most application suppliers battle to adapt applications gainfully. Adapting applications is done in two different ways: a) selling Advertisement space inside a free form of the application, and b) selling a paid variant, named freemium.

Ensure security measures or Maintenance, Privacy and Security– Information security is particularly an important aspect in business and in the event that you do not focus on it when utilizing Mobile Applications, your information could be harmed, lost or most exceedingly terrible of all falling in the wrong hands.

Accepting and Making Payments- Probably the greatest advantage of utilizing a mobile payment choice is the capacity to coordinate loyalty and incentive programs into the mobile payment. Rather than customers staying aware of different payment details such as card numbers etc, their data is kept safe in the application each time they make a purchase with their cell phone.

Update Your App and Content- Once a Mobile App is developed, it is very important to constantly updating your application and presenting new highlights which help in increasing customer loyalty.

App Promotion- In the event that you have an idea of developing a mobile application, at that point you have to decide on the strategies of marketing your application at the earliest. All the effective applications that are accessible today have been following the best marketing techniques from the development stage of the application.

Analytics- To put information behind your client inspiration theories, you have to incorporate application analytics into your marketing plan. Application Analytics enable you to develop a strategy which gives more return on your investment and enables you to keep updating the app for your clients so that it advantages them the most.


  1. Web App
  2. Native App
  3. Hybrid App

Now That you know the three different types of mobile applications, let us discuss the different positive and negative points of each app.

Q. What is a Web App?

A. Web application is an application that uses internet browsers to perform errands over the Internet. Web applications utilize a mix of server-side contents (PHP and ASP) to deal with the storage and recovery of the data, and customer side contents (JavaScript and HTML) to exhibit data to clients. This enables clients to associate with the organization utilizing on the online forms, content management frameworks, shopping baskets or online carts and the sky is the limit from there.

Q. What are the Positive and Negative points of a Web Application?

A. Positive Points of a Web App are as following

    1.Never possesses storage on the client’s device.

    2. No compelling reason to download them from application stores.

    3. Works easily on programs like Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

    4. Easy to fabricate.

    5. Easy to keep up with the maintenance.

    6. Not costly.

   The Negative Points of a Web Apps are as following-

1. Requires Internet Browsers.

    2. Not as intelligent and distinctive as Native Apps.

    3. Much more slower in correlation with Native Apps.

Q. What are Native Apps?

A. Native Application is an application that is created for use on a specific device or gadget. Since a local application is developed for use on a specific gadget and its OS, it can utilize gadget explicit equipment and programming.

Q. What are the Positive and Negative points of Native Apps?

A. Positive Points of a Native App are as following-

     1. Easily downloadable from Application Stores.

     2. Easy for clients to put their Inputs.

     3. Web connection may or may not be required but it is not necessary.

4. Best in Performance.

     5. Great User Experience

     6. Quick and responsive

   The Negative Points of Native Apps are as following

  1. Requires exceptionally experienced developers.
  2. Needs a longer time period to develop.
  3. Costly to develop when compared with other application choices.
  4. Not suitable for extremely straightforward applications.

Q. What are Hybrid Apps?

A. Hybrid Apps are, as the name suggests, a mix of Web Apps and Native Apps. The two pieces of Hybrid Apps are the back-end code, and a Native shell. The Native shell is the one the part which can be downloaded. It can load the code by utilizing the internet connection.

Q. What are the Positive and Negative Points of Hybrid Apps?

A. Positive Points of Hybrid Apps are as following

   1. One application does the trick for all stages.

   2. Influences gadget APIs.

   3. Does not require a web service program or a browser.

   4. Significantly more affordable than Native Apps

   5. It can be developed sooner than a Native App.

    Negative Points of Hybrid Apps are as following-

1. Much more costly than Web Apps.

   2. Hard to fix bugs.

   3. Does not to have all the features of Native Apps.

   4. Much slower than Native Apps.

Now Let us discuss about the situations when you should think about going for the Hybrid App

In a situation where you have decided to get a mobile app developed for your business but you do not have much time in hand, that is when you should opt for the Hybrid Mobile App. Since Hybrid Applications can be developed quicker than the other kinds of mobile applications. A Hybrid Mobile App should also be chosen when you have a tight budget for developing a mobile app, at least during the initial stages.

If you are not in this situation then you should you always opt for Native App because – once a mobile user gets accustomed to the operation system of their devices they expect the mobile applications to function according to the operating system they have (Android or iOS). As we explained above, Native Applications are made for specific operating systems hence it becomes easier for the customer get accustomed to the application since the application is specifically made for the operating system the customer has been using hence it increases customer satisfaction which is an important factor when developing a mobile application for your business.

Still somewhat dubious about which type of Mobile Application you should settle for?

In that case, we, at Bizztimes, can offer you an answer that would be exclusive for the advancement of your business. Feel Free to get in touch with us to comprehend which one would be the ideal decision for you and your business.

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